Monday, October 20, 2008

Searching for stained glass patterns online.

Finding stained glass patterns on the internet has never been easier. There is an ever-increasing number of stylish, quality stained glass patterns available to the hobbyist or even professional, often for free.

To acquaint yourself with the large number of websites offering patterns, I recommend the Stained Glass Pattern Directory. It is by far my favorite list, as it is the freshest, with fewer broken links, and it always seems to be the first to dig out websites as they begin to offer patterns. Note that the websites are listed in decreasing order of quality. Top sites are rated 'five stars' and bottom sites are rated 'one stars.'

It is my observation that this page is nearly always first to list new websites and has the fewest number of dead links.

Here is a screen shot when you scroll down the big page of the Stained Glass Pattern Directory:

If the patience for searching websites one by one fails you, and you'd rather search by topic, despair not! Run to Find Stained Glass Patterns which is by far the most comprehensive listing of individual patterns listed by topic. It's the only site of its kind on the web.

Here is a screen shot from the Find Stained Glass Patterns website: was the first website to make a comprehensive topical compilation of all patterns available on the internet, be they for sale or free. Its usefulness has been widely recognized by webmasters that have copied its content onto their pages; imitation continues to be the best form of flattery. continues to be a step ahead of its imitators. It is still the only one that lists patterns that are for sale. Newly created patterns appear there first. Also, many patterns are not listed by the imitators owing to the complexity of creating redirect links to some of the patterns.

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