Thursday, May 27, 2010

Best way to find stained glass patterns on the internet!

FIND-stained glass patterns now has a new look. In the next few months, I will be adding thumbnails of my patterns next to the links in each separate topical category.

This will result in a more efficient user experience.

A few years ago, I toiled for weeks to create this listing of individual pattern links in topical categories. I was the first to do this - because it was a monumental amount of work. Now, many webmasters have taken this work and re-copied the code in their own websites. There is still one thing that cannot be stolen; that is, for me to add thumbnails of my own patterns, which only I can do, being the copyright owner. Furthermore, as I create a disproportionate amount of free stained glass patterns on the web, the majority of the links do feature thumbnails.

I am committed that FIND-stained glass patterns remain the best and most up-to-date individual pattern listing on the internet. As an online pattern publisher, FIND-stained glass patterns is always the first to be updated, as I am the first to know what pattern I just published.


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