Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pinterest Kicks Sand In My Face

Pinterest has hired a new lackey to handle DMCA take downs, and with that, they have a new form letter.

Pinterest is such an arrogant organization, it defies common human decency.

Here I am, sleep-deprived, six websites to recode to be able to curb pinning eventually, hiring a programmer to make me a copyright-detection crawler bracing for the hundreds of Pinterest clones already sprouting all over the internet landscape, greasy-haired, house a mess, a handful of projects in suspended animation. This is what these idiots have decided was fit to send me:

If this resolves your concern, please do not reply. While we love to hear "thank you", these messages create more work for us. Thanks for understanding - and happy Pinning.

First of all, I'm not the one sending them thank-you notes, because I have no time for that.

Secondly, are they really complaining to me about extra work? Are they kidding me?

Thirdly, happy Pinning, with a capital "P?" Really Pinterest, HAPPY PINNING?

Here is a picture I don't mind seeing pinned:

copyright infringement pinterest

UPDATE! My latest round of DMCA responses from Pinterest is now devoid of the offending sentences. It's back to dry business, as it should be.

1 comment:

memomuse said...

I love that Pinfringe!
Who is the artist that created it? The thing is, when people have to repin a watermark, they sometimes won't because they don't want to know there is a person behind the art. They just want it and want it now!

I love this post and their generic reply is a subtle "piss off" -- "you are annoying me" message. Not subtle at all.